Tuesday, July 03, 2007

AW07 Campaigns: Part II

It seems like a good time to do a continuation of my campaign review now that some more ads have surfaced (For Part I, click here). Hint to anyone who love to collect tear sheets, go and buy the August UK Elle! Not that I know directly- it's just that Manuva of TFS scanned in so many ads from that magazine (it's impossible not to love that community and everyone there)! Ok, let's see... which ones shall I cover in this post-
Bottega Veneta
This is a firm equal first with the Pringles ads!! That melancholic atmosphere coupled with the lighting! I think the beautiful dresses both juxtaposed and complemented the mysterious mood... making me think of femme fatales and dark bedrooms in that fabulous film noir style. It's also interesting that these ads couldn't have been more different to the SS07 ones, which had that fantastic old-world-classy Audrey Hepburnesque glow about it (Inguna anyone?), but both really fits the house to a T.


These ads are very very much Chloé, and I think that's about all I can say! I guess they decided to stick with their tried, tested and true formula for the brand's target audience. I'm not too sure about Shalom Harlow though, she seems a bit too elegant to be the easy-going au naturale beautiful Chloé woman. Apart from that, great to see Freja in Chloé and my God! Anja is totally rocking her new beautiful Edie haircut!

Costume National

It gets a mention because of Julia Stegner, who have been fronting Hugo Boss wonderfully for quite a while until she got traded in this season for Catherine McNeil! Really wish Boss had kept her...

and finally, Calvin Klein Jeans

Which is, like the
Chloé ones, very typical of the line. Or shall I say, the style of these ads is almost synonymous with the brand! Does anyone else see something just a tiny bit like MK Olsen in the left ad? The facial expression maybe?

I am expecting more ads to come through in those big September issues, so there will probably be a Part III in all of this!
Photo cred: TFS

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