Friday, January 25, 2008

aka "Scoodie"

I much prefer to call it the hooded scarf because it just sounds nicer, but if you've never heard of it... a scoodie is a combination of the scarf and hoodie. I've never even seen anyone rock this until Renee of ANTM Cycle 8, who wore one by Kasil, but by the looks of it- this trend just might be picking up momentum, with brands from Urban Outfitters (L) to Mike & Chris (R) selling them.

The UO one reminds me of the winter D&G collection a while back- you know, the one with the fur boots, thick white knits, white short shorts, snow and the works?

While both those designs have its own merits... I, however, happen to like this one better. By the Korean brand Bone, it seems to be completely sold out in the usual online shopping websites- I found this in the beauty and fashion section of soompi forum, a korean/asian site I sometimes visit for street style ideas. It's very versatile and looks a whole lot warmer than the M&C one (cheaper too!). Much more minimalist and stylish that the UO pompoms in my opinion... even if they make me think of D&G!

And for those with a bit of time on their hands, here is a scoodie DIY if you have a spare sweatshirt at home.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Boys' Club- NYC style.

What with the writer's strike going on, and Gossip Girl on a hiatus because of it (Hollywood, please please please compromise already), I'm so thankful towards the new ABC show Cashmere Mafia. The description of it as a "thinking woman's Sex and The City mixed with the wit of The Devil Wears Prada" is totally spot on- especially since it's styled by the famed Patricia Field of SATC. The series revolve around the lives of four high flying career minded women in Manhattan who met at business school.
I'd like to introduce you to the "Cashmere Mafia", who are (from L to R): Caitlin Dowd, Mia Mason, Juliet Draper and Zoe Burden. Caitlin (Bonnie Summerville) is the Senior VP for marketing of Lily Parish Cosmetics and quite unsure about her sexual orientation. Mia (Lucy Liu) is the Publisher of the Barnstead Media with a fabulous corner office and sometimes wear the most stunningly outrageous pieces. Juliet (Miranda Otto) is the COO of Stanton Hall Hotels and Resorts and Zoe (Frances O'Connor) is a working mom and the Managing Director of Gorham Sutter's M&A division.
Throw in ex-fiances, cheating husbands and work crises and you have this hilarious and fun show to watch! For those Australians who are not fans of internet TV, Cashmere Mafia is coming to Channel Nine in February 2008.
Photo cred:, Strictly Fabulous Style, wiki

Saturday, January 19, 2008

On a tangent. Model Inspiration.

There's only one excuse for my lack of updating, and that is my inconsistent frame of mind- my flights of fancy I suppose. What with changing courses, changing universities, general upheaval and all that. Its high time I posted here.

Some designers find that a true model makes a fantastic muse because of their chameleon-like qualities and fierce sense of style- I absolutely agree with that! So here are my picks from SS08 FW. And yes, I know it was so long ago... but I was looking for inspiration in what to buy when I head overseas (my GOD, I can hardly wait! 2 more weeks!).
Two models, among a select few others, who give me major style inspirations are Lily D. and Irina.
Lily's is always effortlessly chic and her tastes are actually very similar to mine. Irina does this rocking menswear influenced style which fascinates me endlessly- since men's clothing sometimes interests me more than womenswear! I'm pretty sure it's because of the clean lines and the tailored silhouette, as I generally prefer detailed, understated and classic with a twist to the more embellished, sometimes fussy look of skirts and dresses. It's sad, but I'm still at a stage where I mostly avoid floral and feminine prints with a vengance... so I guess no de la Renta or DvF for me!
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Boxing Day Sales 2007...

... was quite a success for me, because I got this incredible pair of Ted Baker heels for this great low price. I mean, it's almost impossible to say no when they were about 55% off and felt so comfortable! Not to mention the elegant shape of the heel!
I think it was the cute row of buttons at the back that did it, because I'm normally not a fan of shoes with the pointed toe. And the green suede should look grand with perfectly opaque dark tights and something short, don't you think?
Photo cred: myself

Friday, January 04, 2008

Gossip Girl: Blair's tuxedo shift

So I finally succumb to the pressure of blogging about Gossip Girl style, mainly because I found myself to be absolutely in love with this one particular outfit of Blair's. In episode 12 (the latest one), Blair was seen in the most fantastic tuxedo bib dress in the second half of the show... paired with the white tights and stack heels that B seems to be partial to.
Blair Waldorf,Catherine Holstein,tuxedo,Gossip GirlBlair Waldorf,Catherine Holstein,tuxedo,Gossip GirlAfter a bit of digging, I've found that the dress is by Catherine Holstein and was available at but is now sold out. A shame, because I would have bought it in a second. The style is great, that masculine/feminine thing which can look so chic and the white button sleeves are adorable! Oh, and while I'm at it... there's something about the far reaching influence of GG fashion that I just have to mention.

I have a friend who recently bought a $300 corset, from Pleasure State if I recall correctly, at the Boxing Day sales after seeing B in it. It was the second episode, where she was trying on dresses for the brunch.
Blair Waldorf,corset,Gossip GirlI have to say the frilly underwear is beyond!
Photo cred: myself, TFS

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A toast for 2008!

Here's to hoping 2008 will be full of great things, in all areas of your life- whether it's work, school, fashion or just pure fun! That it be be better and more fabulous than 2007! Live and make the most of it! Cheers!

And because I just found it, here's a little preview of the excitement which 2008 is sure to bring! I've got for you a trailer for a greatly anticipated Australian film opening March 8 2008! If you're aware of my endless fascination for a certain Australian model, then you'll probably guess which film I'm talking about. If not, well... let me tell you- directed by Elissa Down, starring Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield and Gemma Ward: it's called The Black Balloon.

There! How could you possibly not be excited? It looks amazing!
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