Saturday, January 19, 2008

On a tangent. Model Inspiration.

There's only one excuse for my lack of updating, and that is my inconsistent frame of mind- my flights of fancy I suppose. What with changing courses, changing universities, general upheaval and all that. Its high time I posted here.

Some designers find that a true model makes a fantastic muse because of their chameleon-like qualities and fierce sense of style- I absolutely agree with that! So here are my picks from SS08 FW. And yes, I know it was so long ago... but I was looking for inspiration in what to buy when I head overseas (my GOD, I can hardly wait! 2 more weeks!).
Two models, among a select few others, who give me major style inspirations are Lily D. and Irina.
Lily's is always effortlessly chic and her tastes are actually very similar to mine. Irina does this rocking menswear influenced style which fascinates me endlessly- since men's clothing sometimes interests me more than womenswear! I'm pretty sure it's because of the clean lines and the tailored silhouette, as I generally prefer detailed, understated and classic with a twist to the more embellished, sometimes fussy look of skirts and dresses. It's sad, but I'm still at a stage where I mostly avoid floral and feminine prints with a vengance... so I guess no de la Renta or DvF for me!
Photo cred: thecelebritycity, TFS

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