Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret, 2007I hope you all have a grand extravagant time this Christmas!
Hugs and kisses all around!
Photo cred: TFS

Friday, December 21, 2007

Make-A-Wish come true.

It's been out for a while now, since November 20 to be exact, but I've only just noticed these limited edition Myer tees which are super-cute and support the Australian charity Make-A-Wish as well! There are a range of designs from names such as Jennifer Hawkins and Wayne Cooper to my favorite print by Jayson Brunsdon.

They retail at $29.95 each- and $10 of every tee is donated to Make-A-Wish. Brunsdon's grand fashion illustration wins hands down, but Leona Edmiston's is also very sweet in a simplistic innocent kind of way. The words might be a bit hard to read but it's "Wishing upon a star" all jumbled up together (I think...). Apologies for the bad pictures, the lighting in the dressing room was quite low!
Photo cred: myself, news.com.au

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sorry for neglecting you...

... it's just that I've been super busy! You know, what with:
  • extended trading hours at work because of Christmas- just a fyi for you Aussie babes: David Jones is open until 10pm this Monday to Wednesday, and til midnight on Thursday and Friday if you want to fit in some late night shopping,
  • Christmas shopping for family (I still have no idea what to get my Dad...),
  • sorting out my timetable for university next year- I'll hopefully be taking a fashion course next semester!
  • doing some research for places to go and shop in Hong Kong and Tokyo. I'll be in HK for about a month, with a little side trip to Tokyo thrown in there, starting early Feb. My grand shopping plan is to check out the warehouses in HK but anyone got suggestions for Japan? I'm particularly interested in designer outlets- Yohji, CDG, Tsumori Chisato, Junya and all those good Japanese designers!
  • compiling a mile long shopping list for said trips overseas,
  • and making another (not as long) shopping list for the boxing day sales. That's an equivalent of the Blk Friday sales in the US of A!
But enough excuses now, I've got the cutest little pair of shoes to show you!! They're Tony Bianco- red patent leather cone heels: the style is called "Ravel" and they're only around $100 mark. The design might not be new, but I just love that these are close toe (I'm feeling the oversaturation of peep toes!) and the cone heel won me over (just look at the runway).

Shame that these size 6s are too big for me!
Photo cred: myself

Thursday, December 06, 2007

French Vogue December 2007/ January 2008

Sasha and the little lion cub! Just completely adorable- especially the one where he's between her legs... looks like he's getting ready to pounce! And then there's Sasha's absolutely major facial expressions: as Tyra would say, I love that "she's not afraid to make it ugly!" It doesn't happen often, but I have to say that the clothing fades in comparison to the two stars of the editorial Pyjama Parties! Photography by Mark Segal. Styled by Mélanie Huynh.

Photo cred: Diorette @ TFS

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blogger: my call for help...

Just a quick question for my fellow bloggers out there regarding image placement- it's irritating me no end! For those who use IE to view my blog, you would probably have recognized my problem already: the strange gaps and formatting appearing in my posts between images every now and then because I myself use Firefox.

Take my latest post for example:
I guess my question is: What can I do to, in a sense, standardize the look of my posts between different browsers?
(I'm not even sure whether my call for help makes sense or whether it's just a jumble of words... but if you have just an inkling of what I'm on about, and know a possible solution, I would greatly appreciate any form of contribution!!)

SS08 Backstage Pass: Part II

The girls get posey at the John Galliano show and Tanya making her mark on the Ann Demeulemeester BS crew. "SEXY!"
Siri Tollerød backstage John Galliano SS08Siri Tollerød backstage John Galliano SS08

Siri Tollerød backstage John Galliano SS08

Photo cred: TFS, thecelebritycity

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Summer 2007/2008!

or Happy Winter 2007/2008 (depending on where you live)! Holiday season is upon us! It's time to head to the beach and bask in the sun... or for you lovelies in the Northern Hemisphere- time to bring out all your beautiful luxurious fur coats, parkas and maybe find your sexy ski gear so you can head to the alps!!And since it's December, you know what? It's time to go Christmas shopping! You girls (and boys) have everything planned out? Or were you well organized enough to have knocked off a significant amount of it during the Blk Friday sales (this question is addressed to those in North America)? I haven't started and its giving me a headache just trying to think of what to get everyone!
Photo cred: lj, TFS

Thursday, November 22, 2007

SS08 Backstage Pass: Part I (some more Freja)

This set of Freja Beha photos, taken backstage at the SS08 Karl Lagerfeld show, were just too amusing (in a good way) that I just couldn't imagine not sharing! And then I thought "why just stop there!" I've decided to do a series on SS08 backstage pictures- from the insane and crazy to fabulous posing. Anything really... so long that they're different from what I usually see!

My caption? "Freja Beha! Irina's fashion model wonder-prop" It's just too funny! I mean... on one hand, we have Irina flirting with the camera. And on the other, there's Freja- concentrating on the documents at hand and trying to ignore her model best friend!
Photo cred: firstview

Monday, November 19, 2007

Markings of a Rebel

Tattoos are endlessly fascinating and so intriguing, don't you think? The artfully done and meaningful ones especially! I don't know why but I confess that I hold a growing appeal toward tatts and am even considering getting one (But first, I've got to mull the idea over for at least a year or two...)!

And since I've brought up this subject, it's impossible for me not to mention Freja Beha, my newest model crush! A rocking dark haired long legged beauty with rocking
tattoos who completely steamed up the SS08 catwalks in my books. Her list of markings are growing (she's actually just got some recent additions) and she's really looking magnificent with her new short hair!

From Left to Right: "this world tonight" on right wrist, "float" on neck, "this too shall pass" on inner right bicep, "M" on RHS of body, star on LHS of body, "redemption" on inner left elbow and three circles on inner left wrist. She also has an upside down triangle on the back of her neck.
Photo cred: firstview, thecelebritycity

Monday, November 12, 2007

Russh Nov 07- the cover unveiled!

Finally! The prediction is correct- it's coming out Wednesday! And you know what? The content looks great- what with SS08 trend reports (kudos to the team for covering the right season! Vogue and Kirstie Clements, you know I'm glaring at you right now!), an Anja piece and a Julia Restoin Roitfeld interview!
Too bad I'm going to have to wait until Thursday to buy... it would become such a big procrastination tool (My finals end on the Thursday, and then its summer holidays!) because I know I just won't be able to control myself.
Photo cred: Russh
PS Does anyone else feel Anja needs to get her hair a little trim?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Sart's Girl with the Camera

She seems to be Scott Schuman's newest style superstar, discovered during the SS08 shows, but her identity is a complete mystery! Just exactly who is she? Parisian or a fashion editor just there for fashion week? The suspense is killing me- I absolutely adore her cool quaint look! Whoever would've guessed that a nice big quality camera would become the ultimate accessory!
Photo cred:
style.com, The Sart

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sorry babes...

I got the date wrong, in regards to when Russh is coming out! I asked the lady at the newsagent and she thinks Friday or Monday. If you ask me, I'd probably expect it on the Wednesday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think magazines seem to LOVE Wednesdays!

Once again, sorry!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Russhed out to Japan

My favorite Aussie bi-monthly read Russh has just launched it's premier Japanese issue, with Aggy Deyn on the cover, as the first Australian fashion title to break into the international market according to The Australian! Despite already receiving several offers from various publishing houses for syndication, the team has taken their time in find the one. And on top of that, it's taken them a year of negotiations with Japan's Selek before settling. So you can be sure that this Russh sister "embodies the spirit of Russh" and is totally "spot-on".
Oh, a heads up from their myspace: it seems like Russh Japan is going to becoming a monthly affair from March 2008 onwards! What do you think- is the Australian one going to go monthly too?

With a vision that you "don't have to read either a mainstream of an avant-garde magazine" but that "you can do both in the same publication" and distribution in over 20 countries, Russh really is getting bigger and better- why, they just recruited Trevor Stones of AUS Vogue onto the team! Watch out for this mag- this little piece of genius is going to go far! Better yet, go to the newstands on the 7th (I think) and you should find Anja Rubik staring at you from the new Russh cover!

You have no idea just how excited I am! The funny thing is, I can't even read Japanese! And if any of you think that someone from the mag put me up to this as a promotional strategy, well... I'll have to tell you otherwise. I'm incredibly stoked that this beauty is breaking boundaries because it's about time Australia Vogue is presented with a challenge so they might realize how unoriginal and uninspiring they [the Vogue team] are! I mean, I know what I'd choose if you made me pick between three Catherine McNeil Russh covers and six celebrity covers! Not to mention all the eds they buy!
Cred: TFS, Australian

Saturday, November 03, 2007

More details on the job...

First off, thankyou for the well wishes! I hope I do alright and don't turn into those stark, raving mad and totally incompetent SAs we've all come across in our lifetimes! You know- the ones who look you up and down when you walk to their department, weighing your wealth in their mind's eye. I have had too many terrible shopping experiences to name...And on a happier note, here are more details on the job for those who asked. I've gotten a little more info now that I've been to the pre-employment session:
- I get a 10% discount off all goods (bar the furniture, electronics and all that jazz, which is 5%) but if I purchase anything that is part of the dress code- meaning I can wear it as part of the uniform- then it's 30% off! Dress code means all black, which is what I tend to wear anyway
- The pay is alright I guess. Slightly above the average McDonalds/Starbucks wage, and time and a half on Sundays. I hope I get lots of Sundays, because there's nothing bad to be said for making more and spending more.
- I've got orientation coming up, and will be starting work after 15/11 (my last day of uni exams).

I think that about covers everything...
Photo cred: the Sart

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Welcome to David Jones, Ladies Shoes, this is Karin."

So it seemed like I bluffed my way through the interview: I got the job! A two to three month gig in Ladies shoes at a nice department store seems like a pretty decent way to spend the holidays- Can't you just see me befriending all those shoes? I mean- "Hello Manolo!" "Hey where did Louboutin go?" I think I've died and gone to shoe heaven. Kind of reminds me of this quote I once saw on a shopping bag:

Heaven is closer when you are in high heels.
I think I could probably find something delicious to toast to that!
Photo cred: google

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Graphic Header: Version 1.0

I finally got around to installing Photoshop on my newly formated computer and so, it's only right that I make a header for this blog. I mean- it's about time the layout stopped looking so boring and plain! The bird is featured in a Comme des Garçons advertisement that I first found in the pages of the September i-D. I was so mesmerized by it that there was nothing I could do but use it!

Edit: It seemed like some problems occurred with the header, which I hopefully just fixed.So I need to ask: does it work on your computer now? As in- can you see it?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Verdict

You know how I mentioned another two Designers for Target collections? Finally got around to heading to the store- sure, I went a few days after it arrived... but the hype over fashion collaborations in Australia, after the Stella craze, is really not that big. The styles and range is an improvement from the Josh Goot and the quality considerably better than expected- keeping in mind that my expectations were minimal. I snapped a few pics on the camera phone, a sad little 1.3 megapixel thing that thankfully didn't make any strange noises whenever I took a photo (unlike my old Sony Ericsson), and here they are- apologies for the dismal resolution.

This is the dress you wanted to know more about, Lady! I think the clever lighting of the ad made it out to be more glamorous that it really is- it almost seems a little plain in real life now (the model looked très chic in it, non?). But then again... I didn't try it on because I just had a feeling that it would slightly strange on me. I would be wary of the fabric though, because whilst an acceptable quality... it looks like just the thing which will snare horribly if your nails aren't smooth and buffed and perfectly neat.

The cute sequined bags that I mentioned. Didn't actually take a good look at them because I knew I wouldn't be buying it, but since they looked so shiny and well... shiny, I just had to take a photo. It a good way to keep up to date with the whole metallics trend that's lingering around. To me, the black has a whole lot more class that the white- the black makes me think of those darling trumpeters, pianists and sax players in smoky clubs- playing sexy, husky jazz/blues tunes which I adore!

Those black shorts are major! I'm not sure how I'd pull it off (maybe with sheer knee socks or thigh high socks? Or maybe not... the fabrics would clash terribly I imagine- ) but just look at the draping and the pleats and details at the waistband! They're too good to pass up! Maybe I'll buy them when they go on sale (once again, I'm pulling the its-not-good-enough-quality excuse).Oh, and regarding the last photo-

I was extremely against the purple/ beige eyelet shift when I first found it online, but seeing it in store is a whole different story! The material is fantastic compared to most of the other cheaper looking ones- it looks very stiff, holds its shape well and is everything I think a nice shift should feel like. If you were planning to buy just one thing from these 2 collections, I would have to say the shift. Nothing else adds up quite as well.

Unless of course, you preferred the swimwear- all those frilly one pieces and bikinis in red or black! I'm not sure how I'd respond to you if I saw you on the beach with it though...
Photo cred: me!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are the kids of today growing up too fast?

A number of very strange and rather shocking conversations between myself and an 8yo girl, the daughter of a family friend- let's call her Anni, occurred when they were visiting last week and I was absolutely stunned:
Topic 1: Fluoro pink is the thing to be seen in, said she.

"You know, you really should buy some fluoro pink. It's very popular these days." kicked off the first conversation. I think I was staring at Anni, mouth open half the time. Wait, what? Come again? I'm not trying to be elitist but it was shocking to realize how different 8yo girls a decade ago (aka moi) were from the kids of today. I think I was watching Sailor Moon and playing with yoyos in my tomboy jeans-and-Tshirt outfits.

Topic 2: She recommends Payless as the place to source your black flats.
Because Anni just got her first pair of blk ballet flats at Payless, she recommend I get mine there too (sorry hun, I thought, I've already got a few pairs too many...)

Topic 3: It's all about layering, dahling!
"I really like these- points at her plain long sleeved blk Tshirt - it's really good for layering. Because we're in Spring so it's still a bit cold. An outfit kind of like what I'm wearing now..." For your information, she wore a blue and white patterned mid thigh baby doll over the Tshirt, with blk leggings and those flats. By God, she's trendy for someone who's not even a tween yet! [The photo was the first example that came to mind, a tad bit old- Marc by Marc Jacobs SS06 RTW]

Topic 4
: What do you call them? Pencil jeans or skinny jeans?

Anni really really really wants a pair. Enough said. Apparently, I'm somewhat "uncool" because I don't own a pair. Does that mean I'm a nerd? Does it?

I sound terribly bitchy, don't I? I don't mean to, but I guess I still haven't gotten over our "enlightening" conversations yet. I say enlightening, in quotation marks no less, because it reflects the strength and power of advertising on the child and the tween in my opinion. Ever since a few years ago, it's suddenly become all about the tween- they're a huge market because they're aware of what's hot (and what's not), they understand the importance of one's appearance... but don't have a job yet. So to me, what the tween does is spend extravagantly on luxury goods with their parents' no limit credit cards. I'm not against the concept of either spending lots on luxury goods or the use of my mom's credit card per se (God knows I do it a lot)... it's just that if they're spending so much at a stage when they're not truly aware of the value of money, how much debt and card bills are they going to run up as an adult? And are they really aware of what's good quality, what's worth the price... and what's not? Is this in fact going to be the catalyst that will eventually lead to a First World debt crisis? [Shhh- I know I know. I'm being melodramatic...]
Since everything is growing so much more accessible, and as children's fashion is becoming more like adult's fashion just shrunken in size, kids seem to be growing up so fast- at a glance, they appear to look better, act wiser- in an almost adult like manner- and it's such a foreign idea to me. Sure I was a city girl (no doubt I always will be) but I remember my childhood fondly- days spent in the local park playground, playing with the neighbor's kids and trying to beat the boys at handball during school recess and lunch. Anni seems to spend her days applying nail polish, reading numerous fashion magazines (she namedropped Harper's and Vogue at various points in time) and listening to Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani.

I don't know what to think.Are they being deprived of a childhood because of the commercialization, and materialization, of everything? Or are we simply redefining what childhood means?
Photo cred: style.com, NYT, some blog I found through google

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i-D November 2007

I personally might not like Kate Moss' new bangs (too blonde, too Irina. I definitely preferred her old messy/sexy bedhead look with that dirty blonde coloring rather than this wild platinum blonde bob) because it makes her look like a burnt out, too tired party girl, but that does not detract at all from the quality and sexy quality of this phenomenal ed. For lack of better words, just look at how bloody HOT she looks in Too Fast to Live. What a perfect title for this perfect ed- it's like the noughties' take on sex, drugs and rock-N-roll. Just pure complete dark glamor.

Click here for the full ed- I cut out maybe 4 pages because of misalignments and all that.
Cred: the beautiful laisla of TFS