Sunday, November 04, 2007

Russhed out to Japan

My favorite Aussie bi-monthly read Russh has just launched it's premier Japanese issue, with Aggy Deyn on the cover, as the first Australian fashion title to break into the international market according to The Australian! Despite already receiving several offers from various publishing houses for syndication, the team has taken their time in find the one. And on top of that, it's taken them a year of negotiations with Japan's Selek before settling. So you can be sure that this Russh sister "embodies the spirit of Russh" and is totally "spot-on".
Oh, a heads up from their myspace: it seems like Russh Japan is going to becoming a monthly affair from March 2008 onwards! What do you think- is the Australian one going to go monthly too?

With a vision that you "don't have to read either a mainstream of an avant-garde magazine" but that "you can do both in the same publication" and distribution in over 20 countries, Russh really is getting bigger and better- why, they just recruited Trevor Stones of AUS Vogue onto the team! Watch out for this mag- this little piece of genius is going to go far! Better yet, go to the newstands on the 7th (I think) and you should find Anja Rubik staring at you from the new Russh cover!

You have no idea just how excited I am! The funny thing is, I can't even read Japanese! And if any of you think that someone from the mag put me up to this as a promotional strategy, well... I'll have to tell you otherwise. I'm incredibly stoked that this beauty is breaking boundaries because it's about time Australia Vogue is presented with a challenge so they might realize how unoriginal and uninspiring they [the Vogue team] are! I mean, I know what I'd choose if you made me pick between three Catherine McNeil Russh covers and six celebrity covers! Not to mention all the eds they buy!
Cred: TFS, Australian

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