Saturday, November 03, 2007

More details on the job...

First off, thankyou for the well wishes! I hope I do alright and don't turn into those stark, raving mad and totally incompetent SAs we've all come across in our lifetimes! You know- the ones who look you up and down when you walk to their department, weighing your wealth in their mind's eye. I have had too many terrible shopping experiences to name...And on a happier note, here are more details on the job for those who asked. I've gotten a little more info now that I've been to the pre-employment session:
- I get a 10% discount off all goods (bar the furniture, electronics and all that jazz, which is 5%) but if I purchase anything that is part of the dress code- meaning I can wear it as part of the uniform- then it's 30% off! Dress code means all black, which is what I tend to wear anyway
- The pay is alright I guess. Slightly above the average McDonalds/Starbucks wage, and time and a half on Sundays. I hope I get lots of Sundays, because there's nothing bad to be said for making more and spending more.
- I've got orientation coming up, and will be starting work after 15/11 (my last day of uni exams).

I think that about covers everything...
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