Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get sporty!

I was in the gym the other day and it's funny how many people are joining up now. Prepping for the 07/08 Summer, anyone? I've been going through the net looking for some chic activewear inspiration- incredibly vain of me but I'm running out of options. My gym wear consists of 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 pair of pants and about 5 T-shirts (which are almost identical too!). Seriously minimalistic I tell you. I have a feeling some of the class instructors are probably thinking "My God! Does this girl have nothing else to wear?" Oh! And the fact that I'm thinking of joining some dance classes prompted this too. I'm leaning more towards the contemporary/ jazz thing, because I used to take jazz classes back in high school.
Nicole Richie is my top pick for sportswear inspiration, as you can probably tell. I'm not too fond of some of her Free City pants: you know- the baggy ones which are elasticated around the ankles. But some of her other choices are ingenious. It's very casual and well, quite average, such that I won't mind being seen in it as I do a supermarket run before heading home (I'm one of those who have a phobia to being seen in sweatpants unless it's in the name of fitness). I threw in some leotards because that's what I think when I hear the word dancewear. That... and pointe shoes!
Cred: google,, TFS

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So I decided...

... sorting out photos from fashion week to post here is a mess. I save all the ones I love onto the computer, under an extremely complicated filing system (that only I seem to understand), and try to narrow them down to blog about. It's too hard, too difficult and altogether too time consuming (especially since I love it all). Not to mention it'll be even more chaotic when Milan and Paris rolls around- so! I'm gonna sort it out after fashion week is over! And consequently, blog about it then.

Just you wait. I promise
promise promise I will actually post it up! Be on the lookout from around October 8 I suppose. In the mean time, it's back to regular posts!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

UK Vogue October 2007

Since everyone seemed to quite enjoy that Gemma i-D post I did a while back, I've decided I'm going to post an editorial a month from now on- my favorite out of the magazine offerings to share with you all. My pick for October is from UK Vogue-
Stam's Golden Years. By Corinne Day.

Don't you just find the variety within the ed fascinating? From pianos to giraffes to graffiti. I won't quite say it's the crème de la crème and one of my all time number ones, but it's the most intriguing one in October from the scans I've seen. Beats W's scary Kate Moss ed (although there seem to be a certain je ne sais quoi there...)
Photo cred: laisla of TFS

Thursday, September 13, 2007

SS07 Trendwords

And when I say that, I mean trendwords as opposed to keywords. Just wait until the weekend and I'll give you a picture heavy post, ok? I've got my economics mid-session exam coming up Friday, so I've basically been dividing my time up between study for macro and fashion week. The trendwords for NYFW (in my mind) are:
polka dots, high waisted short shorts, menswear influence, the top-to-toe white pant suit, stack heels, white, pale grey, pastels, splashes of yellow and orange, hats, sheer fabrics, vertical stripes...
Tell me, am I on target or not?
Cred: (it's from the RL collection)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy SS08!!

Bonjour, new wardrobe! Hello new clothes! The lighter months of the year has finally arrived down here, much to my dismay (because now I've got to up my gym-going routine and I don't do sweaty!), but FASHION WEEK SS08 IS FINALLY UPON US! You know, as that facebook group goes- the only holiday I celebrate is FW!
Oh how I envy you smashingly dressed New Yorkers who get to wander through the glamorous mayhem that defines NYFW! Any of you invited to the shows? Or planning to crash anyway? There's not much to write about trends at the moment ( is comparatively slow in uploading pictures but the lack of watermarks make it worthwhile) since it's only start a few days ago and since the Paris and Milano shows has more influence, but so far I see that high waisted shorts are still staying strong. Nothing as short as those Prada ones though!

I'll upload some photos when I sort through them properly (and when I take a break from spamming But whoever is going, you've got to tell me all about it: let me live vicariously through you!