Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get sporty!

I was in the gym the other day and it's funny how many people are joining up now. Prepping for the 07/08 Summer, anyone? I've been going through the net looking for some chic activewear inspiration- incredibly vain of me but I'm running out of options. My gym wear consists of 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 pair of pants and about 5 T-shirts (which are almost identical too!). Seriously minimalistic I tell you. I have a feeling some of the class instructors are probably thinking "My God! Does this girl have nothing else to wear?" Oh! And the fact that I'm thinking of joining some dance classes prompted this too. I'm leaning more towards the contemporary/ jazz thing, because I used to take jazz classes back in high school.
Nicole Richie is my top pick for sportswear inspiration, as you can probably tell. I'm not too fond of some of her Free City pants: you know- the baggy ones which are elasticated around the ankles. But some of her other choices are ingenious. It's very casual and well, quite average, such that I won't mind being seen in it as I do a supermarket run before heading home (I'm one of those who have a phobia to being seen in sweatpants unless it's in the name of fitness). I threw in some leotards because that's what I think when I hear the word dancewear. That... and pointe shoes!
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