Monday, April 21, 2008

A SunSilk Fashion Designer's Range

I got an email a week or so ago regarding this new limited edition range... and whilst I'm very selective about what I blog about, the products sure did intrigue me. It's a haircare x fashion collaboration between the brand SunSilk and three Australian designers who I would consider as being at the top of the Aussie fashion ladder- Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey.

In terms of quality, I'm haven't tried it so I have absolutely no idea, but the product contains crystal extracts for the "ultimate in shine". What I do know is that the bottles look fantastic and I'm a big sucker for appearances.
You really can't expect anything else from someone who does judge books by their covers? I mean, it has to look good on the bookshelf (in this case, the bathroom)!According to the SunSilk site, these designers were chosen as each had their own design principles and each:
embodied one of the looks- funky, pretty and sexy. Alice McCall epitomizes youthful cool that is somewhat funky and edgy. Collette's clothes are delicate and beautiful and this is how women feel when they wear them. Peter on the other hand, his garmets are ozzing with alluring glamor. Peter's garments are made to make a woman feel beautiful, sensual and sexy.
I think I like the Morrissey bottle the best- it's glam in an almost glittery- Versace- gone- gothic sort of way (the ballet pink of Dinnigan is sweet too) and will stand out in my bathroom...
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hong Kong x Tokyo. A recap. Part II.

OK. Onto the Tokyo part of my trip. I stayed in Shinjuku, so I was in the Ginza/ Shinjuku/ Harajuku area quite a bit. And then, I went to the other shopping hot spot Shibuya as well. Akihabara for all my electronic/ techno needs (massive massive stores), sight seeing at Asakusa and a day trip to Yokohama. I won't bore you with the details, but it consisted of a whole lot of shopping, walking around and eating. You know- ramen and sushi and all that good authentic Japanese food. A special mention must be made for the Tsukiji fish market as the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. A tourist area for sure, but the food was fantastic. Long lines for a sushi breakfast- impossibly fresh and the best sushi I've ever tasted.

On the fashion front, Harajuku had these grand flagships so I went snap happy:
The signature black and white Chanel look reflected in the color scheme of the store. I love the color blocking and it's style is classic with a twist- an embodiment of the Chanel design principles.
The Louis Vuitton store, in my mind, takes its inspiration from domestic architecture. The roof of the building looks like the modern house and whilst I don't think it's the most glamorous Louis flagship in the whole of Tokyo (the one at Roppongi beats this in terms of design hands down)... I sure won't mind living here.

This next one was snapped at Ginza. The Lanvin store. It's quirky and I like that. It stands out from your standard store fronts because of the black.
I don't really know what else to write so I'll leave it at that (I think it's because I've been here quite a few times already). Preview: the next holiday recap post goes to my shopping loot!
Photo cred: myself

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So Next Top Model does produce winners!

I couldn't believe my ears- Tyra Banks' Top Model franchise really does produce top models! The AusNTM cycle 3 winner, Alice Burdeu, went on to rock the AW08 runways... and I don't mean just the smaller designers either- I'm talking Lanvin! Louis Vuitton! Alexander McQueen! Proenza! Ann Demeulemeester! All that good stuff for her first runway season. Ironic considering how Jodhi Meares (the AusNTM judge) reacted terribly unprofessional manner when Alice was made the winner (she was a big fan of the runner up) and how Australia was screaming about how terrible Alice is in the model weight debate.

But I'm sure you realize all that. What I find of utmost importance in her growing list of accomplishments is that she is going to be shooting her first major campaign for D&G Autumn Winter 2008 with Testino! I am definitely looking forward to it! From what I can see, it's only her and Ksenia of Russia's Next Top Model who have made it big. Ksenia gradually gained enough momentum after a few seasons to score a spot in the Gucci campaign line up alongside Lily D, Abbey Lee (an Aussie!), Kasia and Masha N!

If that's not good for NTM, I don't know what is. I just don't understand America's Next Top Model (aka the original Tyra led version). You'd think with Tyra's experience the presence of the girls would be stronger...
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Friday, April 04, 2008

WHAT? CDG for H&M?

My mouth was opening like a goldfish, and I am completely and utterly speechless. Why, you ask? I just found out that Comme des Garçons is doing a "range of womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and accessories and create a new unisex fragrance" for H&M- according to British Vogue. What other response would you have possibly expected from me? It's launching in November, with an exclusive Tokyo launch a few days before the worldwide launch... and there is no way that I will not be spamming the H&M website/TFS since I am dying to know how it's going to turn out!

And what led Rei Kawakubo to say yes? It's as simple as this:
I have always been interested in the balance between creation and business. It is a dilemma, although for me creation has always been the first priority. It is a fascinating challenge to work with H&M since it is a chance to take the dilemma to its extreme, and try to solve it.
which, in turn, reminds me of Andy Warhol's famous quote:
Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.
Never have I been this excited about a designer x mass retailer collaboration! You can feel it radiating off my words, can't you? If H&M was available in Australia, you can bet on it that I'd be lining up outside (as sad as that sounds, it's true...) British Vogue