Monday, April 21, 2008

A SunSilk Fashion Designer's Range

I got an email a week or so ago regarding this new limited edition range... and whilst I'm very selective about what I blog about, the products sure did intrigue me. It's a haircare x fashion collaboration between the brand SunSilk and three Australian designers who I would consider as being at the top of the Aussie fashion ladder- Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey.

In terms of quality, I'm haven't tried it so I have absolutely no idea, but the product contains crystal extracts for the "ultimate in shine". What I do know is that the bottles look fantastic and I'm a big sucker for appearances.
You really can't expect anything else from someone who does judge books by their covers? I mean, it has to look good on the bookshelf (in this case, the bathroom)!According to the SunSilk site, these designers were chosen as each had their own design principles and each:
embodied one of the looks- funky, pretty and sexy. Alice McCall epitomizes youthful cool that is somewhat funky and edgy. Collette's clothes are delicate and beautiful and this is how women feel when they wear them. Peter on the other hand, his garmets are ozzing with alluring glamor. Peter's garments are made to make a woman feel beautiful, sensual and sexy.
I think I like the Morrissey bottle the best- it's glam in an almost glittery- Versace- gone- gothic sort of way (the ballet pink of Dinnigan is sweet too) and will stand out in my bathroom...
Cred: sunsilk, youtube, zing

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