Saturday, July 19, 2008

China Vogue August 2008

Countdown has started: 20 days until the 2008 Beijing Olympics! The gymnastics, swimming, diving and some of the track events will draw me in, as usual, and I am so glad its held in China this time. None of that staying-up-all-night-to-watch-it business which is usually what happens. And so, in lieu of this grand sporting tradition, it seems only suiting that I post a dynamic editorial from China Vogue. Just look at the great sense of movement captured!

"Trendy Ceremony" as photographed by KT Auleta and styled by Brian Molloy. Featuring
Qing Shupei, Karlie Kloss (read: the rising model star with the rather unique walk), Karmen Pedaru, Katya Shun and Hanne Gaby Odiele.

The second double spread reminds me of that Balenciaga ad campaign from a few seasons back- it's the graphic use of black and white I think, the girl on the left in the tartan photo- Karmen- has the most arresting expression and is a complete posing extraordinaire. Oh, and all that hosiery in the fourth picture is to die for!
Photo cred: Aja Mok of TFS

Header 2.0

From the AW08 Jil Sander campaign. The structural (sculptural?) design of those shoes make such a bold statement, non? Black and white photography in all its wonder and its ability to capture that lovely feeling- such je ne sais quoi!Photo cred: TFS

Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 25 Most Fashionable Cities in the World

"The list was compiled by the Global Language Monitor, a non-profit group that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in the media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere." Check it out!
1.→ New York
4.↑ Milan (5)
London (4)
Los Angeles
Sydney (12)
Las Vegas (9)
9.↑ Berlin (11)
Tokyo (6)
Hong Kong (8)
12.↑ Dubai (24)
13.↑ Shanghai (14)
Singapore (10)
15. Madrid (new!)
↑ Santiago (19)
Melbourne (15)
19. Stockholm (new!)
Buenos Aires (22)
Johannesburg (23)
Mumbai (18)
23. Cape Town (new!)
24. New Delhi (new!)
Barcelona (13)
Sydney and Hong Kong (my hometown and place of birth) represent! And surprise surprise... I'm like a proud mama!! Is your stylish city on the list?
Cred: Reuters

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Enjoy it while it lasts...

Project Runway Season 5! It's started and my internet bandwidth is working overtime to download the first episode as I write this now. I am so excited about Project Runway ever since Christian Siriano. He might be arrogant, but you can't deny that he is so young, talented and incredible!
But as much as I love the show (what a great fashion reality show: I may be a hypocrite but I'm saying it's a whole lot better than Tyra's how-to-smile-with-your-eyes comments), I grow more and more concerned with Season 6 as I read that the Lifetime execs are relocating the show from NYC aka fashion capital to L.A. (aka celebrity central). Heidi is indifferent but Nina, faithful to fashion, says nay and is "saddened by the move"! What does the network say? The CEO believes this move will open a whole new avenue for the designers as "L.A. gives us Hollywood, red-carpet fashion, and more context for our challenges involving celebrity culture."

There's nothing wrong with L.A. per se- it's a glamorous city- but to move a fashion show out of the fashion capital does not seem entirely logical to me.
So, my verdict? I say that while the world may grow a whole lot more interested in Project Runway because they're dressing more celebs, this gets point deductions from me and dare I say, the fashion world?
Cred: Allie is Wired, nymag

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project Runway Australia Season 1

It has finally started! I've been looking forward to this show since it starting filming and you know what? One of the contestants, Mark Antonio, reminds me of a certain famous fashion blogger we all know.
Yes or no? Just a bit of resemblance?
Bryanboy, is that you?
Photo cred: Bryanboy,

Go Marketing!

You either love it or you're not into it, but I- for one- love going to growers markets on Saturdays. It always feel so authentic, the food is incredible, lots or organic and gourmet goodies to both buy and eat! The idea of spending a sunny Saturday morning enjoying a cup of Toby's Estate coffee (quite frankly the best I've had in Sydney) whilst browsing through the stalls wins over the supermarket experience every time! There are two which I frequent:
1. The Good Living Growers Market: at Pyrmont Bay Park, on the lawn op
posite the Star City casinos, first Saturday of every month. If you've never gone marketing before, I would definitely recommend this for your first time- one of the biggest of its kind in Sydney I believe. Opens 7am to 11am, but get there early-ish to buy the good stuff! Strolling by at 10am means half the stores are packing up since they've sold out already. Trust me, I know from experience...
2. Northside Produce Market: at North Sydney on Miller Street- between Ridge and McLaren Streets. From 8 to 12noon every third Saturday of the month. This one is similar to Pyrmont- you'll find that a lot of the stalls trade at both venues- just smaller in scale.
There's a new store on the scene that I want to make a special mention about since I happen to have a sweet tooth. Accordingly named Sweetness The Patisserie, I first saw them set up stall at the Northside produce market in mid May and their goods are heavenly! The marshmallows (in the picture the white ones are passionfruit and the purple are berry flavored!) are a dreamy fluffy concoution, and their shortbread is delicious. I also recommend the lime flavored marshmallows. Their retail store is at 10/53 Brisbane Road, Castle Hill and while I haven't been in there, I suggest you check out the shop if you're in the Hills area!

Cred: buyorganic, myself