Thursday, July 17, 2008

Enjoy it while it lasts...

Project Runway Season 5! It's started and my internet bandwidth is working overtime to download the first episode as I write this now. I am so excited about Project Runway ever since Christian Siriano. He might be arrogant, but you can't deny that he is so young, talented and incredible!
But as much as I love the show (what a great fashion reality show: I may be a hypocrite but I'm saying it's a whole lot better than Tyra's how-to-smile-with-your-eyes comments), I grow more and more concerned with Season 6 as I read that the Lifetime execs are relocating the show from NYC aka fashion capital to L.A. (aka celebrity central). Heidi is indifferent but Nina, faithful to fashion, says nay and is "saddened by the move"! What does the network say? The CEO believes this move will open a whole new avenue for the designers as "L.A. gives us Hollywood, red-carpet fashion, and more context for our challenges involving celebrity culture."

There's nothing wrong with L.A. per se- it's a glamorous city- but to move a fashion show out of the fashion capital does not seem entirely logical to me.
So, my verdict? I say that while the world may grow a whole lot more interested in Project Runway because they're dressing more celebs, this gets point deductions from me and dare I say, the fashion world?
Cred: Allie is Wired, nymag

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