Thursday, November 22, 2007

SS08 Backstage Pass: Part I (some more Freja)

This set of Freja Beha photos, taken backstage at the SS08 Karl Lagerfeld show, were just too amusing (in a good way) that I just couldn't imagine not sharing! And then I thought "why just stop there!" I've decided to do a series on SS08 backstage pictures- from the insane and crazy to fabulous posing. Anything really... so long that they're different from what I usually see!

My caption? "Freja Beha! Irina's fashion model wonder-prop" It's just too funny! I mean... on one hand, we have Irina flirting with the camera. And on the other, there's Freja- concentrating on the documents at hand and trying to ignore her model best friend!
Photo cred: firstview

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