Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Verdict

You know how I mentioned another two Designers for Target collections? Finally got around to heading to the store- sure, I went a few days after it arrived... but the hype over fashion collaborations in Australia, after the Stella craze, is really not that big. The styles and range is an improvement from the Josh Goot and the quality considerably better than expected- keeping in mind that my expectations were minimal. I snapped a few pics on the camera phone, a sad little 1.3 megapixel thing that thankfully didn't make any strange noises whenever I took a photo (unlike my old Sony Ericsson), and here they are- apologies for the dismal resolution.

This is the dress you wanted to know more about, Lady! I think the clever lighting of the ad made it out to be more glamorous that it really is- it almost seems a little plain in real life now (the model looked très chic in it, non?). But then again... I didn't try it on because I just had a feeling that it would slightly strange on me. I would be wary of the fabric though, because whilst an acceptable quality... it looks like just the thing which will snare horribly if your nails aren't smooth and buffed and perfectly neat.

The cute sequined bags that I mentioned. Didn't actually take a good look at them because I knew I wouldn't be buying it, but since they looked so shiny and well... shiny, I just had to take a photo. It a good way to keep up to date with the whole metallics trend that's lingering around. To me, the black has a whole lot more class that the white- the black makes me think of those darling trumpeters, pianists and sax players in smoky clubs- playing sexy, husky jazz/blues tunes which I adore!

Those black shorts are major! I'm not sure how I'd pull it off (maybe with sheer knee socks or thigh high socks? Or maybe not... the fabrics would clash terribly I imagine- ) but just look at the draping and the pleats and details at the waistband! They're too good to pass up! Maybe I'll buy them when they go on sale (once again, I'm pulling the its-not-good-enough-quality excuse).Oh, and regarding the last photo-

I was extremely against the purple/ beige eyelet shift when I first found it online, but seeing it in store is a whole different story! The material is fantastic compared to most of the other cheaper looking ones- it looks very stiff, holds its shape well and is everything I think a nice shift should feel like. If you were planning to buy just one thing from these 2 collections, I would have to say the shift. Nothing else adds up quite as well.

Unless of course, you preferred the swimwear- all those frilly one pieces and bikinis in red or black! I'm not sure how I'd respond to you if I saw you on the beach with it though...
Photo cred: me!

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