Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Boys' Club- NYC style.

What with the writer's strike going on, and Gossip Girl on a hiatus because of it (Hollywood, please please please compromise already), I'm so thankful towards the new ABC show Cashmere Mafia. The description of it as a "thinking woman's Sex and The City mixed with the wit of The Devil Wears Prada" is totally spot on- especially since it's styled by the famed Patricia Field of SATC. The series revolve around the lives of four high flying career minded women in Manhattan who met at business school.
I'd like to introduce you to the "Cashmere Mafia", who are (from L to R): Caitlin Dowd, Mia Mason, Juliet Draper and Zoe Burden. Caitlin (Bonnie Summerville) is the Senior VP for marketing of Lily Parish Cosmetics and quite unsure about her sexual orientation. Mia (Lucy Liu) is the Publisher of the Barnstead Media with a fabulous corner office and sometimes wear the most stunningly outrageous pieces. Juliet (Miranda Otto) is the COO of Stanton Hall Hotels and Resorts and Zoe (Frances O'Connor) is a working mom and the Managing Director of Gorham Sutter's M&A division.
Throw in ex-fiances, cheating husbands and work crises and you have this hilarious and fun show to watch! For those Australians who are not fans of internet TV, Cashmere Mafia is coming to Channel Nine in February 2008.
Photo cred:, Strictly Fabulous Style, wiki

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