Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HC AW07: A Roundup- Part II

I haven't updated in a while because I've been busy, what with the new college semester starting and all that. There's been problems with my enrollments and hence, makes life slightly hectic. But I did promise you the Part II overview of Couture (a long long time ago) and I would hate to break the promise! I really do love you guys for reading my rants as I embark of my many flights of fancy...
Christian Lacroix

Quinessentially Lacroix in concept and design- that slightly dark, half medieval feminine style with a contemporary twist. Fancy, patterned and so womanly, his collections always make me think of crown jewels and grand ladies of the by-gone eras strolling through London in their dainty dresses holding parasols!! I can almost see it in my mind's eye!


I'm just not sure what the Kasier was going for in the last piece. Odd, no? Personally, I can't really imagine anyone wearing that wedding dress anywhere... unless maybe in er- Alaska? Apart from that, the collection was a bit 1920s flapperish. I think I was paying more attention to the gloves than anything else though. They are quite beautiful, don't you think?

Jean Paul Gaultier

The opening look, head-to-toe, is so me. LOVE it. Very cool and slightly sportswear inspired. Everything else was just as chic and cool, very regal (there was even crown head gear throughout!), very military in its stiff decorated shoulder boards, and of course- the dominant menswear trend which is still going strong!! I would pick up that darling brown jacket in an instance, if only I was rolling around in money.

So overall for this season, in my opinion, I'd have to say: JPG for day, Elie Saab for night! Hmm- does anyone know where I can find a billionaire boyfriend to finance this project? Hehehe...

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