Friday, July 13, 2007

HC AW07: A Roundup- Part I

Well... the AW07 Haute Couture has come and gone, which means- time to do a little overview of the shows! It's almost like an obligation since Couture is the creative backbone of fashion in a sense... a time for designers to remove the boundaries of reality and roam free in each of their respective artistic worlds!

Christian Dior
I appreciated that the collection and the show was ideologically succinct and strongly based on perfectionism. So much, that I dedicated a whole post to it: read it here if you haven't already.


To me, Givenchy had quite a disappointing start but a great finish! I kept asking myself "Why the head-to-toe leopard?" in the beginning since I have always related that with the Dolce, D&G, Versace, DSquared and Cavalli lot- leaning more towards the Italian designers really (I'm not quite sure why-)! However, I think the leopard outfit here (the jacket at least) is somewhat acceptable because of the gradient. Anyway, let's get onto the good part: the white dresses at the end which were detailed, modern and oh so great! That intricacy and the attention to detail in the back! I'm savoring it, since it's not often that you notice the back of an outfit when scavenging on or the likes. Because well... for obvious reasons, photographers tend to take snaps of the model front-on! So- love love love from me!

Elie Saab

I have to say it's by far my favorite out of all the Couture!! A flowing slim silhouette, the lacy sheer soft delicate fabrics, the elegant embroidery and those fine dresses!! Some of them slightly grecian. Every one of them red carpet worthy! Elie Saab made the most exquisite wedding gown out of all the AW07 offerings- will you just look at that!! Also, is anyone noticing that little white/ silver color trend coming through?

Armani Priv

Comme ci comme ça apart from maybe 4-5 looks (I included two here), I suppose. Loved the way the color is done on the first dress, it's absolutely darling! And wow to the structure of the second dress- an otherwise plain dress get elevated to another level! I'm not saying that the overall collection was terrible by making my comme ci comme ça judgment, because Armani does clothes wonderfully, but most of it was a bit too bland for my tastes. Couture is all about vision but it seems like Armani Privé often has RTW tendencies. The marketable. And I admit, the definitely more wearable. To me though, that detracts from HC itself...

Part II up soon, including Chanel, Lacroix and Gaultier!
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