Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HC AW07: Christian Dior

Galliano promised an excellent and therefore highly anticipated Haute Couture show for the house's 60th anniversary... and where better to host it than Orangerie at the Versailles! The collection was HC in a very conventional way, going back to its roots for this special occasion. I adored the vast amount of references Galliano made in those extravagant ball gowns, even though it did make my head spin, because they consequently made be feel displaced by several decades: like I was revisiting history! All the exquisite details, the luxurious fabrics, the headpieces and the impressionist color palette! References to artists like Degas (one of my favorites!), Renoir and Goya. WOW. I am completely feasting upon this collection- it was even more of a production than Dior's usual shows!
This is one of my favorite looks. There was 8 hours of preparation for the show and worth every minute of it just by looking at the makeup! Each look was different to suit the outfit. Perfectionism at its best!

Headpiece with strong artistic references. This one is beautiful, and has a connection with Degas' dancers. So marvellous! What do you see in this detailed pic below?

It's the infamous affair of the necklace!

Oh, I almost forgot the mention how great these shoes are!! Such elegance in the shape of the wedge. I see a little Marc Newson/ Frank Gehry in the metal...

This show is a beauty, very elaborate but in that somewhat generic couture beautiful sort of way. I have to admit I appreciated the japanese influenced SS07 HC collection a whole lot more, mainly because of the originality... but despite my opinion, you must check it out! I only put a tiny sampling of what's offered, so go either to TFS or
(among others) to look ! (Personally, I recommend TFS because of the HQs- but you need patience because the thread is HUGE! Try searching "HQs" in the thread- that may help you.)
Photo cred:, TFS

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