Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello, good friend!

It feels like forever since I made a habit of stopping at the Biotherm counter in Myer every so often, wondering when they will start shipping their makeup range over here... so imagine my surprise when I found its foundation range in store!! Australia finally caught up!

I've been buying the Biotherm Sense Aquaradiance liquid foundation in my annual trip to Hong Kong since 2004, when I first discovered this brand on board
a long haul flight in those little toiletry bags. Now it's one of the few products I swear and stand by through thick and thin (Haha- that sounded so melodramatic...)! It provides a very smooth subtle coverage that suits my very very dry skin and is therefore excellent for my daily no-makeup makeup routine (that I think is a girl's best friend in my opinion-)!

Go take a peek. Really. It's that good!
Photo cred: Biotherm

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