Monday, June 25, 2007

AW07 Campaigns: Part I

The campaigns are gradually flowing in now, from one of the earliest being the vividly-colored Christian Dior ads to the Dolce and D&G ones popping up only yesterday, and for me... emotions ranged from disappointed to ecstatic. My favorites, as of now, are:
Pringles of Scotland

Definitely my favorite as of now: head over heels in love with the dark evocative neo-romantic mood of these print ads!! The metal structures/props lend a hint of industrialism into the mix, and the great clothes, great hair and beautiful styling means this gets a very strong nod of the head from me. The girl on the left looks hauntingly beautiful, no? That the campaign was shot in B&W makes me love it even more!! I am a big advocate of B&W photography because of the atmosphere it captures.

and D&G!
Quintessentially D&G, I suppose it might be considered a bit boring... but I like it! Very glamorous! The menswear influence is very now. It's fantastical! And look at Rachel Clark! I thought she really shone through in these ads. Why they feel a need to reuse the set bothers me though...

This Marc Jacob one, however, is more mediocre. It isn't bad per se... but I just cannot decide whether the marketing is
genius or insane! To make it so small means that it is not nearly effective enough to catch the attention of a magazine flipper, but then one can say that the excess of white provides a stark contrast- hence catching their eye and making them want to study the clothes more closely. Definitely undecided on the ad...

I'll leave it there for now... but the ads are still coming in, so look out for a part II continuation of this!
Photo cred: TFS

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