Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The CKIN2U commercial. Wow. Finally saw it when I walked through the city Myer store a few days ago. I absolutely had to dig it up online to rewatch, even though I hate the name of the perfume. First thought when I heard the name was not the best response- "This is Calvin Klein, not some IM conversation." But this is what I'd call amazing advertising- forced me to look again because it was that good!! And fyi, the scent is very light, very fresh. LOVE it!! Might buy it!! Once again, it proves my point that it's an excellent commercial, no?
Freja looks breath-taking in it!! My favorite? The soundtrack and GOD! The beautiful elevator scene- Those cheekbones. That intense look in her eyes. The smile. She's so fine. As is the guy- actor Kevin Zegers.
Cred: youtube

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