Monday, June 18, 2007

Josh Goot for Target

Comes out 9AM tomorrow. I am checking out the range tomorrow morning- got my eyes on the silver foil knit trench coat (left) which is priced at $130 and should look damn fine with black stovepipes/ opaque black tights (maybe the ones with the silver sheen?)/ leggings!! Must say, one of the selling points of this collection is the great likeness with Josh's normal line, in terms of style, but with reduced price tags. Chicalert claims that silver trench from his main collection "retails at around $700 at leading international stores such as the prestigious London retailer Browns Focus, Colette emporium in Paris and Henri Bendel in New York!" Superbe, non? Hopefully the quality will be satisfactory- I will be devastated if the fabrics are as terrible as the Stella for Target line, because I subscribe to the philosophy of quality over quantity.

Going to head in at 9 (no waiting around for me, thanks!), as I think that it wont be nearly as chaotic as the Stella frenzy, considering that the media has not been too noisy about it and that Josh is not as well known as Stella McCartney. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. With any luck, I will score something fabulous and chic!
Cred: chicalert

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