Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sitting on the fence

Quite frankly, I find these tees to be a bit hilarious! I get this feeling that the designers at Supr
é, one of the more popular Australian chain stores, were having a bit of an indecisive moment along the lines of "Do I like the 'I NY" tees more or do I love House of Holland more?" when brainstorming ideas. I guess they decided to compromise with a House of Holland font on the NY style top...

And on the topic of Supré... is it just me or do others also remember the days when the store, in an attempt to rebrand and reposition itself from a mature woman's clothing store to target the younger teenage/tween audience, sold tees for $10 and skirts for $15? If my memory is correct, that was only about 7 years ago! Now, clothes retail for prices like $75 for a dress...

Which has got me wondering: Is that also what happened when Forever 21 decided to up its image and take the role of counterfeit queen?
Photo cred: Supré

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