Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where is the mayhem?

I lied. I went into Target at 10AM- it was too much effort dragging myself out of bed. The store was as calm and peaceful as ever for that time of the morning. Guess not many people knew about the Josh Goot for Target range then? I didnt see any of the pandemonium that the Stella range supposedly had (I couldnt make it to that one) and there were no naked mannequins. First thought when I say the calm was "Yay! More for me!" Sadly, the quality of the trench did not pass my test ( nor did the fabric suit the style imo)- I hate being such a picky person! The silver fabric fared a bit better on the racer tank but that style just looks strange on my frame.

Ahh! The weather is still dropping and I need more winter clothes!! Whatever am I going to do?

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