Sunday, September 05, 2010

SS10: classic urban gypset prairie wanderer

All fashion designers come up with a campaign direction for every collection they do, and I feel a bit like that as I come up with my own direction for the hot spring/ summer season ahead! I blame it on 'Almost Famous' being on TV last week, and my love for fashiontoast blogger Rumi Neely, but I'm definitely feeling relaxed 70s festival goer/ hippie/ bohème, loose pirate shirts; crochet; fringing and tassles; denim; leather; headbands et al, and will mix that in with my regular classic/urban summer wardrobe. I need to work on a FW counterpart to this though, since I'm going traveling up to the Northern Hemisphere winter (gypset style?)!
Cred: asos, fashiongonerogue, fashiontoast, jaimemoncarre, stylebykling, zara

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