Friday, July 16, 2010

Maybe I was too quick in saying it....

Zara in Australia appears to be coming sooner rather than later! The article in The Australian seems to be quite convinced that Zara is coming in 2011! That's next year! And that H&M is looking into the Australian market. Oh yes, thank you. We're finally getting some of the goodies that our Northern Hemisphere have had for what seems like forever- I can't believe the difference in climate has been such a barrier to entry!

But we shall have to wait and see if something sudden delays them (I'm rather skeptical about time frames in general) and let's hope the prices will remain uniform, i.e. that Zara does not increase its prices to match the comparatively pricey Australian fashions. Along with the great styles that Zara can bring us, maybe the stronger competition can be a form of natural price regulation?
Cred: The Australian

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