Sunday, June 27, 2010

Australia says hi to Victoria's Secret

Just a quick one, big news that I'm super excited about! Australia might not have Zara, or H&M... but we finally have our very own Victoria's Secret! Just read in the newspaper today- first Australian store is in Sydney international airport Terminal 1 and is functional as of last week! Shame it's after customs though, because I'd be seeing someone off at the airport at the end of July and it would be good timing. 

However, I did read elsewhere that it will be a travel and tourism shop, so more beauty and accessory product orientated. Baby steps though! We're working our way towards a full blown lingerie store here in Sydney city! I can imagine the masses, the crowds and the lines on opening day (when they get around to opening a store) already! Might even give the Apple crowds a run for its money? 


fashion jewellery said...

It's so annoying when they put great shops after customs only!Will look out for it next time I travel to Oz!

K said...

I know how you feel! It works better for those visiting Aus than locals in my opinion- because, at least for me, I always try to leave Aus with minimum luggage (so I can buy more overseas!)