Friday, July 16, 2010

it's funny how things happen, and I do extend my sincere apologies

I see irony everywhere, and none more than the fact that I announce I am going on hiatus only to find that I have blogged more in the past month than I have in the last year. It seems like with that one post, and with all the free time I have from my current university holiday, I'm rediscovering my interest in all things creative, all over again. Guess when I said sooner rather than late,r I really did mean much much sooner. So maybe I want to live in both the house and the loft after all.

And then, on a more serious note0 to those who have previously contacted me:
I really would like to extend my sincere apologies for being extremely terrible at replying emails! I feel terrible! I don't mean to, but none the less, I am because I didn't check that address very often. (That is, however, not an excuse at all!) But I have since grouped all my email accounts together, so will be much much more diligent in it! For all those who emailed hoped for a prompt reply, I am sorry. I know some of you (advertisers, fellow bloggers et al.) contacted me ages ago, and as I can't tell who is still waiting for a reply from who has since moved on... if you would kindly email me again, I will reply back this time! Promptly too! Promise!
All my love and sorry again,

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