Thursday, August 16, 2007

Va va voom...

This girl was on stage singing with her band a combination of cool jazz and pop at the Sydney Aroma Festival 2007. Normally I would've just walked by, but her outfit is brilliant!
It's actually quite a simple style, but this is MAJOR (I use major because seriously, who doesn't want to talk like Posh?)! It's either the wind swept blonde hair, the silver aviators or the jacket/short skirt thing going on. I want to pluck her out of the noughties and place her back in the 70s. She's got that glamorous jet-setting/ air-hostess look about her. A 70s martini commercial would kind of work too. Kind of hard to explain... but bottom line is- she looks chic!

And just to clarify... the Aroma Festival is this annual event out at The Rocks with coffee, chocolate and tea stalls, and The Rocks is this place by the Harbor for those who don't know. It has a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, along with the Museum of Contemporary Art, hence making it a tourist hot spot. The Spanish scene from Mission Impossible II was actually filmed there!!
Cred: myself (apologies for the LQ!)

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