Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chic style

I'm not sure what everyone else thinks of chic-lit, but I personally adore it! I've been re-reading them as an act of procrastination and they are so much fun, there's always a happy ending (well... at least all the ones I can think of) and most of the characters wear fabulous clothes! I do so enjoy the detailed clothing descriptions although the name dropping can get a bit much for some. Plum Sykes (the photo is of her way back in her Vogue days) is a serial offender in my eyes- her books were even called fashion porn by The Independent.

Here are my favorite outfits from the Bergdorf Blondes and
The Debutante Divorcée respectively. Just for fun. Because I can.
Decked out beyond belief at all times in very, very petite skirts, tiny vintage couture coats, and sunglasses like a millenial Twiggy. She must have studied fashion in Paris... (Bergdorf Blondes)

Casually dressed she exuded a natural glamor that was low on bling and high on class. Her daytime uniform consisted of long, skinny pants fom Marni, little lace blouses by YSL, and miniscule, shrunken leather jackets from Rick Owens. (Debutante Divorcée)
Please go along with me here... I've been having a blank at what to blog about for the past few days, and this was the first thing that popped into my head!
Cred: Bergdorf Blondes,
Debutante Divorcée, The Independent, wiki (for the photo)

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