Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Next Aussie

Even though AusNTM (and GNTM) is what I would call the best of the "Next Top Model" franchise, it has largely become an undeniable fact that there is an inverse relationship between a girl's success on Top Model and her actual modeling career post show. Alice and Kasia are exempted from this as anomalies of course.
(Myf Shepherd- first 2 polaroids, Sarah Stephens- the other 2)
I say this because 17 year old Queenslander Myf Shepherd was an AusNTM reject- one of the many who didn't make it through the audition rounds of cycle 4 currently airing- but is now climbing the high fashion ladder rapidly. Domestically, she had a packed Australian Fashion Week show schedule. You might also recognize her from the 2009 Resort shows- the Prada and the Gucci.

She's got the unique name that half the female model population
seem to have (considering that half probably come from Europe, it's really no surprise!)- her full name is actually Myfanwy Amy Shepherd according to, she's got the gorgeous heavy fringed dark hair and great bone structure. I think she'll go far!

Although... I do like Sarah Stephens (yet another new stunning Aussie) a bit better though. Possibly because of this backstage photo? Sarah is with Chic Management as well and seems to have done a bit more work than Myf. I think it's Sarah's face- so refined and sophisticated, she looks darling in editorials- but they are both lovely.

Girls, I want you to note that if you want to enter any modeling competition in Australia... please please please make that the Girlfriend magazine's Model Search! Abbey Lee and Catherine McNeil (and now Sarah) were all winners of this comp and look were they are now!

Nothing more to say other than the fact I'm SO proud Australia is being represented so beautifully! (I swear, our secret is in the weather! The sun, the air, the beautiful beaches! Not to mention our thin- or shall I say lack of- ozone layer? Hehe...)
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