Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been too long

The last time I posted was way back in July, and suffice it to say that a post has been long overdue. The Olympics has been and gone, the global economic environment is changing before our very eyes and meanwhile, I've been studying very very hard to boost my GPA. You see- I need something fantastic if I want to go on student exchange to Europe next year! This is just a short entry since I can't resist- I found an incredible blog I just have to share, to tell you all that I'm not dead and that I will start posting more regularly as soon as my exams finish (in a month's time!).

So... remember That-Girl-With-The-Camera I, along with the rest of the fashion blogosphere, was wondering about? You know- that fabulous chic one with the whimsically beautiful style? I totally forgot about her until I saw another one of her pictures on the Sart (left), which intrigued me all over again. And as a true child of the tech revolution- I started googling!

Rei Shito worked (past tense) for Japanese street style magazines STREET, FRUiTS and TUNE as a photog and PR and if you've ever wanted to see her work from behind the lense (as opposed to in front of the camera at The Sartorialist)- now's your chance! It's been a few months now but she's opened her own blog- STYLE from TOKYO. It showcases exactly that- the style from hip Tokyo! That, along with her photos from fashion week etc...
I think Tokyo is powerful and so exciting,and something new always happens! Everyone I saw on the street have their own individuality ,and also their own style.To see them,and talk together always makes me feel a positive energy! And I really love it. I will always be on street,and shoot them having their own style.
And I agree with her 100%! There is this great vibe and energy from Tokyo that is so strong it's almost tangible. It's full of surprises and so incredibly vibrant! The different characters you see on her blog are a true reflection of that. So yes, go go go! Visit STYLE from TOKYO and see for yourself!

I'll be back in a month to talk more! I've missed posting here! xoxo
Cred: The Sart, STYLE from TOKYO


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